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Romanov Family Association Spokesperson Ivan Artsyshevsky Insults Church, Imperial House

Ivan Artsishevsky, who styles himself "Director of the Romanov Family Association in Russia," granted an interview on 10 July to "Interfax," which was then distributed by various Russian press organizations.  In it, Artsishevsky made statements insulting the patriarch and the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, prompting a quick response from the Chancellery of the Head of the Russian Imperial House.

Artsishevsky, who worked in the Leningrad Department of Goskominturist as the head of the Information Group and head of the Additional Services Group, became associated with the Romanov Family Association in the 1990's and has been their spokesperson and public face in Russia for many years, as none of the RFA members are resident in Russia or visit Russia regularly.  He is particularly active since the death of Dimitri Romanovich Romanoff early this year, because none of the active RFA members speaks Russian except for the 94-year-old Andrei Andreievich Romanoff, an American citizen who lives in California.  In the interview Artsishevsky stated:

"The patriarch had a meeting in June, during which all the experts present confirmed that the remains are genuine. The church is silent now, and it is difficult to understand why it remains silent."

"If this question is political, I do not understand what the politics are. We are unable to show a film [ed. note; the new film 'Matilda'] because it shows Nicholas II making out [with his mistress], but everyone remains silent about the fact that his children yet lie unburied,." 

The complicated theological, historical, and scientific issues concerning these identifications are well known, and the Orthodox Church has been extremely open in their discussions concerning these debates, with frequent announcements by Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov) and Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev).  If impugning the judgements and practice of the Patriarch and the senior hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad were not enough, Artsishevsky additionally chose to attack the Head of the Russian Imperial House, the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, referring to the Russian Imperial House as an "illegitimate organization":

"The Madrid House of Romanov does not exist, it's an absolutely illegitimate organization. If the Russian Orthodox Church works with an illegitimate organization, it's a problem of the Russian Orthodox Church. The whole world recognizes the real Romanovs [presumably, The Romanov Family Association], and the Church decides its own way. But as an Orthodox Christian, I can distinguish between the Church of Christ and a throng of bishops," 

The Russian Imperial House responded with a quick and measured statement, calling for members of the RFA to offer a rebuttal to this senseless criticism of the Church and unfounded attack against their relative:

The Chancellery of the Imperial House of Russia was, however, puzzled and perplexed to learn from reports in the media that a representative of “The Romanov Family Association,” Mr. I. Artsishevsky, had issued a statement on behalf of the “Romanov family” that called into question the position of the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Earlier, the Chancellery of the Imperial House of Russia had expressed the hope that the anti-Church pronouncements from Mr. Artsishevsky on behalf of this organization would cease, especially after the meeting between the Acting President of the “Romanov Family Association,” Mr. Dmitry R. Romanov, and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill, which took place before Mr. Romanov’s death on December 31, 2016. Unfortunately, the pronouncements have not ceased. 

As for the recent highly political and anti-Church statements issued by Mr. Artsishevsky, it remains to be seen if the “Romanov Family Association” (of which Mr. Artsishevsky claims to be a representative) will issue a rebuttal. But if no rebuttal is issued, and if Mr. Artsishevsky remains in his position as an official representative of the organization, then we must conclude that the “Romanov Family Association” is endorsing this anti-Church position and so must bear full responsibility for the words and actions of those who have joined themselves to campaigns against the Russian Orthodox Church. 

In any event, neither statements like those from Mr. Artsishevsky nor the private opinions of some descendants of members of the Romanoff dynasty in any way reflect the views of the Russian Imperial House of Romanoff.

It is impossible to reconcile Artsishevsky's harsh words and slanderous accusations with the non-political, kind, and conciliatory remarks made recently by H.S.H. Prince Dmitri Pavlovich Romanoff Ilyinsky at the annual ball associated with the Russian Nobility Association in America.  It would appear that Artsishevsky has either overstepped his authority as a representative, or that the Romanov Family Association is divided between those who seek peace, and those who choose to keep old and irrelevant grudges alive.

It appears that Artsishevsky delights in any controversy or conflict that enhances his individual importance and therefore seeks vulgar publicity of any kind -- even if that publicity brings embarrassment and criticism to those he claims to serve with honor. As Artsishevsky is both an employee of the Romanov Family Association as well as the head of a for-profit "Etiquette School" in Saint Petersburg, one might think he would behave in a more dignified manner.


The 100th Anniversary of the Abdication of HM the Emperor Nicholas II

The Abdication of Nicholas II




The anniversary of the abdication of His Majesty the Emperor Nicholas II  (March 3/15 1917) will be observed with commemorations and solemnities in Russia and abroad.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia has said that he will observe the important date in prayer and commemoration; the day will be marked by a Patriarchal Divine Liturgy, as established by the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church at its March 9th meeting in Moscow. (Read about it here).  The date of the abdication is also the feast of the “Reigning” or “Enthroned” Icon of the Mother of God which miraculously appeared in the village of Kolomenskoye, near Moscow, on the same day as the Emperor’s abdication.

Russian Legitimist is pleased to present a new research paper on the topic of the abdication which is now on our site here, in our Research section.  The paper is a careful Legitimist interpretation the Fundamental Laws which are pertinent to the abdication, and it addresses several issues regarding the act of Abdication and the subsequent Manifesto of deferral, seen within the context of the Fundamental Laws.

To read the article. Click HERE.


2017-01-04. The Russian Imperial House launches complete website redesign

2017-01-04. The Russian Imperial House launches complete website redesign

The Chancellery of the Russian Imperial House quietly launched a complete redesign of the website of the House of Romanoff in time for the New Year.

The revised bilingual website lavishly illustrated with historical images and documents is a more interactive and accessible version of the previous site.  While all the information on the previous site appears to be available, the new organization of dropdown menus and choices makes the 2017 relaunch more accessible to supporters and other interested parties, such as academics and the press, eager for new information and scholarly materials about the Dynasty today.

The fresh site shows that the Imperial House takes 21st century communication methods with the public seriously, and has taken a big step forward.

To vist the new Imperial House website:


2016-12-25. The Head of the Imperial House expresses her condolences on the loss of life in the crash of the Russian military aircraft near Sochi

2016-12-25. The Head of the House of Romanoff expresses her condolences on the loss of life in the crash of the Russian military aircraft near Sochi



It was with enormous sorrow that I learned of the news of the crash of the Russian military transport airplane, with the loss of 92 of our countrymen.

I and my son and heir, the Grand Duke George of Russia, express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this tragedy.  We pray for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives, and that God will grant strength and comfort to their families and friends.  I had the pleasure of knowing many of the victims personally, and I knew from many of our friends in Russia of the accomplishments and service of many others on board this flight.  All who perished were gifted and talented people, deeply concerned about the suffering of others, courageous, charitable, and utterly selfless.

May the Lord grant them rest in His Kingdom! 

H.I.H. the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia


Madrid, December 12/25, 2016



С глубокой скорбью восприняла я известие о катастрофе самолета Ту-154, унесшей жизни 92 соотечественников.

Я и мой сын и наследник Великий Князь Георгий Михайлович выражаем соболезнования родным и близким жертв этой трагедии. Молимся о упокоении новопреставленных и об укреплении духа членов их семей и друзей. Некоторых из погибших мы имели счастье знать лично, о служении других получали сведения от наших друзей в России. Все они были светлыми и одаренными людьми, неравнодушными к страданиям ближних, мужественными, милосердными и самоотверженными.

Да приимет их Господь во Царствии Своем!


Мадрид, 12/25 декабря 2016 года

2016-12-23 The Russian Legitimist Sends Birthday Wishes to the Head of the Imperial House.

The Russian Legitimist extends its best wishes to Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, Head of the Russian Imperial House, on her birthday (December 23).  We also respectfully extend to the Grand Duchess sincere best wishes for a happy Christmas and healthy and productive New Year 2017.  

We note that during 2017, Russia will observe the centenary of the Russian Revolution (and thus of the fall of the Russian monarchy) as well as the 25th anniversary of the Grand Duchess Maria's succession as Head of the Imperial House (and thus the 25th anniversary of the passing of her beloved Father, His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Wladimir, head of the dynasty for more than 53 years). 

Многая лета!

2016-08-05. Dimitri R. Romanov Receives the Russian Federation's Order of St. Alexander Nevsky.

2016-08-05. Dimitri Romanovich Romanov Receives a Prestigious Award from the Russian Government

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree awarding Dimtiri Romanovich Romanov the Order of Alexander Nevsky, an order of the government of the Russian Federation. The order was awarded “for his significant contributions to the efforts to promote abroad knowledge of the historical and cultural legacy of Russia, and for his work in strengthening international humanitarian connections.”

The Head of the Russian Imperial House, H.I.H. The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, is pleased that the efforts of her relative have been so prominently acknowledged. Despite the fact that Dimitri Romanov sometimes issues public statements that contradict the position of the Russian Imperial House and the Russian Orthodox Church, Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, while regretting such moments, nonetheless views him with familial affection and recognizes first and foremost the good that he tries to do for her countrymen in Russia.

Dimitri Romanovich Romanov (b. 1926) is the second son of Prince-of-the-Imperial-Blood Roman Petrovich, from his morganatic marriage with Countess Praskovia Sheremeteva, and is the last representative of the line of Romanovs descended from Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich the Elder, third son of Emperor Nicholas I. He is a citizen of Denmark and heads a number of foreign civic and charitable organizations. At the present time, Dimitri Romanovich Romanov, who has recently turned 90, is the second oldest member by age of the morganatic descendants of the House of Romanoff (second after Andrei Andreevich Romanov, b. 1923, the son of Prince-of-the-Imperial-Blood Andrei Alexandrovich), the great-grandson of Emperor Nicholas I).

2016-08-05 Д.Р. Романов получил высокую награду

Президент РФ В.В. Путин подписал указ о награждении Дмитрия Романовича Романова Орденом Российской Федерации Александра Невского. Награда присуждена "за большой вклад в распространение за рубежом знаний об историческом и культурном наследии России и содействие укреплению международных гуманитарных связей».

Глава Российского Императорского Дома Е.И.В. Государыня Великая Княгиня Мария Владимировна рада, что труды её родственника чрезвычайно высоко отмечены. Несмотря на то, что Д.Р. Романов иногда выступает с публичными заявлениями, противоречащими позиции Российского Императорского Дома и Русской Православной Церкви, Великая Княгиня Мария Владимировна, сожалея об этом, относится к нему с любовью и замечает, прежде всего, то доброе, что он старается сделать для соотечественников в России.

Д.Р. Романов (род. 1926) – второй сын Князя Императорской Крови Романа Петровича от его морганатического брака с графиней П.Д. Шереметевой и последний представитель этой генеалогической линии рода Романовых, происходящей от Великого Князя Николая Николаевича Старшего). Он - гражданин Дании и возглавляет ряд зарубежных общественных и благотворительных организаций. На настоящий момент Д.Р. Романов, отметивший 90-летие, является вторым по возрастному старшинству из морганатических родственников Дома Романовых (после Андрея Андреевича Романова (род. 1923), сына Князя Императорской Крови Андрея Александровича).

2016-07-15. The Head of the House of Romanoff and the Tsesarevich mourn the loss of life in the terror attack in Nice, France


The Head of the Russian Imperial House, H.I.H. The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, and H.I.H. The Heir, Tsesarevich, and Grand Duke George of Russia are shocked and saddened by the loss of life and many injuries suffered in the terror attack in Nice, France. Their Imperial Highnesses extend their deepest sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of those who have perished, and pray for the repose of souls of those who lost their lives and for a quick recovery of those injured.

The response to this heinous and brutal crime, committed in a city that has such cultural and historical importance to both France and Russia, must be an even greater rallying of our peoples together in the global struggle against the evil of ungodly and inhuman terrorism.

15 июля 2016 года

Глава Российского Императорского Дома Е.И.В. Государыня Великая Княгиня Мария Владимировна и Е.И.В. Государь Наследник Цесаревич и Великий Князь Георгий Михайлович скорбят в связи с террористическим актом в Ницце. Их Императорские Высочества выражают глубокие соболезнования родным и близким погибших, молятся о упокоении убиенных и о скорейшем исцелении раненых.

Ответом на очередное отвратительное и зверское преступление, совершенное в городе, имеющем особое культурно-историческое значение и для Франции, и для России, должно стать еще большее сплочение наших народов во всеобщей борьбе с всемирным злом безбожного и бесчеловечного терроризма.





2016-06-29. The Head of the House of Romanoff extends her condolences to the victims of the terrorist attack at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport

2016-06-29. The Head of the House of Romanoff extends her condolences to the victims of the terrorist attack at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport

The Head of the Russian Imperial House, H.I.H. The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the terror attack that took place at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. She extends her condolences to the family and friends of those who perished and prays that the wounded will recover quickly from their injuries.

Her Imperial Highness believes that it is both significant and truly moving that, despite the complications that have arisen recently in relations between the governments of Russia and Turkey, many citizens of Russia have gone to the Turkish embassy in Moscow to express their condolences and show their solidarity with the Turkish people in their struggle against terrorism.

During her recent visit to Turkey, the Head of the House of Romanoff many times saw that the political disagreements between Turkey and Russia had in no way diminished the positive feelings that the majority of the Turkish people have for Russia and Russian nationals who are living and traveling in Turkey.

The Grand Duchess is convinced that the future of international relations in general, and of Russo-Turkish relations in particular, must not and will not be characterized by confrontation, which only brings death and destruction to all sides in such conflicts, but by the teachings of the Most High God, by common sense, goodwill, collaboration and cooperation, and by unity of purpose and resolve in the face of common global threats and crises.