Rostislav Romanoff is a talented American artist whose creativity as a painter is gaining increasing recognition.  He was born in Illinois, U.S.A. in 1985, the son of the late Rostislav Romanoff and his wife Christia Ipsen.  He is a member of the Romanov Family Association, and he now divides his time between Britain and Russia. Because he spends so much time in Russia, Rostislav is often interviewed in press articles. He has recently begun to study Russian as a second language.

Rostislav's father and grandfather were also both named Rostislav.  His father, Rostislav Romanoff (1938-1999), was an American banker who lived at the end of his life in England.  His grandfather, H.H. Prince Rostislav of Russia (1902-1978), a Russian dynast, was a son of Grand Duke Alexander of Russia and a nephew of Emperor Nicholas II.

Although a direct male-line descendant of the Romanoff family, Rostislav, like his late father, is not a member of the Russian Imperial House and is not in line to the throne.  Rostislav's grandfather, Prince Rostislav of Russia, was, however, a member of the Russian Imperial House. Because in 1928 Prince Rostislav of Russia contracted a non-dynastic marriage not in conformity with the laws of the Russian Imperial House, his descendants do not have dynastic status. The wife of Prince Rostislav of Russia and her descendants received the title of Princess or Prince Romanovsky from Grand Duke Kirill as head of the dynasty.

In 1924, Rostislav's grandfather, Prince Rostislav of Russia, signed a written oath of loyalty to Grand Duke Kirill as Emperor and Head of the Imperial House and to Kirill's son Grand Duke Wladimir as Tsesarevich and Heir to the Throne.  This document was also signed by Prince Rostislav's father (Grand Duke Alexander of Russia), and four of Rostislav's brothers.