Tsesarevich and Grand Duke George Mikhailovich visits Thailand

On his official FB page, the Grand Duke George Mikhailovich noted that he is beginning a one week official visit to Thailand at the request of the local Russian Orthodox Church.

The Grand Duke met with local clerics and Russians in the Thai capital, where he will spend a few days.

The relationship between the Thai royal family and the House of Romanov goes back many generations, when HRH Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanath, the Prince of Bishnuiok came from Siam to St Petersburg to attend the corps of pages. He returned to Siam with a wife from Lutsk, named Catherine Desnitskaya, and later known as Princess Catherine Na Phitsanulok.

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The prince and princess had one son, Prince Chula Chakrabongse. The Prince and his wife lived in Paruskavan Palace in Bangkok. Prince Chakrabongse served as Chief of Staff of the Royal Siamese Army until his death at the age of 37 in 1920.