Presentation published: "Firmly and Unflinchingly As Did My Late Father"

Dr. Martin, lecturing.

Dr. Martin, lecturing.

Russian Legitimist is pleased to announce that we have been granted permission to add the following lecture “Firmly and Unflinchingly As Did My Late Father” by Dr. Russell E. Martin of Westminster College, Westminster, PA., U.S.A.

This lecture was delivered at a conference at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. convened to commemorate the significant anniversary year of 2018, when the 100th anniversary of the martyrdoms of the Holy Royal Martyrs was noted around the world.

Dr. Martin has made several articles available to the Russian Legitimist Research section in the past, and we are pleased to be able to reproduce the text of his presentation in full; a presentation which notes the special relationship of the Tsar-martyr to the fundamental laws of the Empire, as well as his relationship to Orthodox Monarchy.

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