1924: "Who Shall Be The Emperor of Russia?"

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Below is the link to the text of an extremely rare legitimist booklet published in English in 1924 by the Union of Russian Legitimist Monarchists.  Among other things, it contains a declaration by Grand Duke Kirill as Guardian of the Russian Throne.  The declaration is dated 23 March/5 April 1924, some five months before Grand Duke Kirill announced on 31 August 1924 that, there then being no doubt that Emperor Nicholas II and his son had been killed, he had duly succeeded as Emperor of Russia in exile.  One interesting aspect of Grand Duke Kirill's declaration is its pointed criticism of the former commander of the Russian Army, Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich, for his anti-legitimism, which sowed doubt and division within the emigration.  This historical text will be of interest to students of the Russian legitimist movement in the years immediately after the White defeat in the Civil War.

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