Other Russian Organizations Denounce the Letter Written by Several Noblemen in Paris Attacking the House of Romanoff.  


July 28, 2015

The Russian Nobility Association in Moscow has issued a statement which sharply criticizes as “ridiculous” a recent open letter from several émigré noblemen who have attacked the House of RomanoFF. Published below are excerpts of that statement.

Media outlets have carried the text of an open letter to President Vladimir Putin, which was written by self-proclaimed “representatives of the Russian Nobility.”  The Russian Nobility Association feels obligated to make the following statement in response.

The letter is question, which was signed by Prince N. D. Lobanov-Rostovsky, Prince A. A. Trubetskoi, Count P. P. Sheremetev, and Count S. A. Kapnist, expresses merely the authors’ personal opinions and in no way can be construed as representing the voice of the Russian nobility in general or the official position of any of the various nobility organizations in Russia and across the world…

The clear goal of the letter of these four titled gentlemen was to attempt to dispute the rights and prerogatives of the current Head of the Russian Imperial House and to proclaim instead as the “legitimate Head of the House” Dmitrii Romanovich Romanoff, the son of Prince-of-the-Imperial-Blood Roman Petrovich [Prince Roman of Russia], from his morganatic marriage to Count P. P. Sheremetev’s aunt.  Dmitrii Romanovich is presented as a kind of dynastic “Head” who could “turn the page” and amenably resolve forever the questions about the Russian succession—both inside Russia and abroad.

It is regrettable that the descendants of such renowned noble families could not find another way to present their ridiculous ideas without making this dubious attack on the now reposed Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich…

Based on nothing more than pure speculation, the authors of this letter are trying to discredit the memory of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich, who devoted his entire life to the service of Russia—service in the way he understood it, being a man of his times and Head of the dynasty. Of course, neither the Anointed of God, nor mere mortals, nor even “representatives of the Russian nobility” can ever be totally free of mistakes and errors.  But he who presumes to judge those who have reposed in the Lord should themselves at least be honourable—or else their judgment of others will only be a judgment of themselves.


O. V. Shcherbachev

President of the Russian Nobility Association



The Russian Imperial Union-Order issued its own statement fully supporting that of the Russian Nobility Association.


The Russian Monarchist Movement in Russia also issued a statement about the letter of these four émigré noblemen.  The text of their statement follows:


With regard to the letter to President Putin from several members of the Russian nobility living abroad, which has been much discussed in the media, the Russian Monarchist Movement issues the following statement:…

In a manner reminiscent of Goebbels’s propaganda, these men, who have forsaken the honour of their titles, have spun a fantastic yarn, one’s more absurd than the other’s. It is shameful to what level of nastiness these men have sunk, men who call themselves nobles!

This cynical rubbish rightly has elicited an outcry of anger from many Russians, regardless of their political convictions or their attitudes toward the Russian Imperial House today.

This letter from members of such ancient noble families suggests a premeditated attempt to discredit the Head of the Russian Imperial House, H.I.H. the Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, and H.I.H. the Heir, Tsesarevich, and Grand Duke George of Russia—true Russian patriots, who think not of themselves but only of the greatness and well-being of their country.

The Russian Monarchist Movement remains firm in its loyalty to the Russian Imperial House and is ready to prove it by actions!

On behalf of the Presidium of the Russian Monarchist Movement

Secretary A. V. Sokolov