"The Economist" notes rising issue of Monarchism in Russia

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"Arcane arguments about Russia's sovereigns could go mainstream: The last of the White Russians wonder who should be tsar" is an interesting new piece in "The Economist" that discusses the rising tide of the question of Monarchism in Russia, and what role it plays in today's society.  The piece kindly references "Russian Legitimist" with a link.

The piece notes the fact that HIH Grand Duchess Maria is the only candidate acknowledged by the Russian Orthodox Church, and that she may one day take a "semi-official" role in Russian public life.

It also points out a fundamental conflict in today's Russia; "Is it possible for a state which venerates the relics of the Romanovs to devote space in a mausoleum to Vladimir Lenin, the one who saw them slaughtered?"

Read the full piece HERE.