Historic Media, Newsreels, and Interviews


Since the Revolution, the successive heads of the Romanov dynasty have been captured in newsreels and in extended interviews by the international media discussing legitimism, monarchism, and their hopes and wishes for Russia.  The following are a collection of these appearances on film dating back to the earliest days of the Imperial House in Exile.

Grand Duke Kirill Wladimirovich and Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna appear with their children at Saint-Briac:

This newsreel is one of the very few which depict Grand Duke and Grand Duchess Kyrill at leisure and speaking with their children, Grand Duke Wladimir and Grand Duchess Kyra.  This probably dates from 1934.


Grand Duchess Victoria Fedorovna visits Philadelphia in 1924

In 1924, Grand Duchess Victoria Feodorovna made a private visit to the United States in order to thank the many Americans who had aided the Russian war effort during World War One, and who were later instrumental in helping Russian refugees after the Revolution.  The Grand Duchess was recieved with great respect in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

The Grand Duchess' segment begins at 4.14.


Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovich publicly refutes suggestions that he has accepted a puppet throne from the Nazis:

During World War II, Grand Duke Wladimir lived first in Coburg, Germany, and later at his family home in Saint-Briac.  It began to be asserted that the Grand Duke was to take a "puppet throne" in the Ukraine or Russia after the Russia's defeat by the Third Reich.  Appalled by these suggestions, Grand Duke Wladimir made a public statement refuting these lies in 1938. An important article on this topic may be seen here.


Interview with Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovich, March 1990:

In 1990, when the political situation in Russia began to change under the presidency of Mikhail Gorbachev, Grand Duke Wladimir was approached increasingly by the press to discuss the political situation in Russia.  This interview touches on the topics of monarchism, legitimism, and his hopes for a post-Soviet Russia.


A Documentary of the Grand Duke Wladimir's Return Trip to Russia, 1992:

In 1992, Grand Duke Wladimir Kirillovich was invited by Leningrad Mayor Anaoly Sobchak to return to Russia of the first visit of a member of the Imperial Family since the revolution.  This documentary (in a variety of languages, and with German subtitles), is an extraordinary document of this first and last visit of the Grand Duke to his homeland.

Interview with Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna, RT Moscow, 2009:

With interest in the Russian Imperial House growing, Russia Today chose to do a two=part interview with the Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna, who succeeded her august father as head of the Russian Imperial House after his death in 1992.

Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna visits Durasov's Palace at the Lyublino Estate outside of Moscow, 2009:

Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna has long had an interest in Russia's cultural sites, and had always wanted to visit the Durasov Estate at Lyublino, a noted 19th century historical site.  Received there with honors, the Grand Duchess comments on her great pleasure at seeing such important sites restored.

Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna speaks with Russia Beyond the Headlines in London, 2013:

As part of the 2013 celebrations of the end of the Time of Troubles, and the 400th anniversary of the accession of the House of Romanov to the Russian Throne, Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna spoke to RBTH reporters in London about the close historic relationships between the UK and Imperial Russia, as well as her family relationship to the House of Windsor.


Interview with Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich, Porta di Porta, Rome, 2016

Interviewed on the popular evening television news show, Porta di Porta, Grand Duke and Tsesarevich Georgii Mikhailovich spoke about today's Russia, and his position as heir of the Russian Tsars.

To view the Grand Duke's Interview (In Italian) click HERE


Interview with Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna, RIA Novosti, Moscow 2017

During Her Imperial Highness' April 2017 trip to Moscow, the Gran Duchess was interviewed during a Press conference by the correspondent of the the project 'Social Navigator.'  The Grand Duchess spoke extensively on various topics including her ideas about her attitude to the new film 'Matilda,' how Russia has changed in recent years, and about the distinctive features of the russian character.  (In Russian.)


To view the Grand Duchess' Interview (in Russian) click HERE